Technology service

Evaluation,Planing and design the whole biogas project                   

Selection and design of Biogas Production and utilization equipments


The design of Biogas desulfurization system

Biological desulfurization inside the digester
Biological oxidation is one of the most used methods of desulfurization,based on injection of a small amount of air (2-8 %) into the raw biogas.
This way, the hydrogen sulfur is biologically oxidised either to solid free sulfur (Figure 7.29) solid) or to liquid sulfurous acid (H2SO3):
2H2S + O2 -> 2H2O + 2S
2H2S + 3O2 -> 2H2SO3


The design of biogas decarbonization and purification system

Utilization of the Biogas produced from the organic waste, after Water removing,impurity removing, Pressure increasing,
Sulfur removing, Carbon removing, and then purify into natural gas.



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