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HDPE anaerobic digester is also called Fully Enclosed Anaerobic Reactor;It uses of HDPE black membrane to make a complete enclosure,with functions of fermentation and biogas storage inside;Hot water from CHP heat recovery system and sunlight absorbed by membrane would make good heating for the digester;Automatic waste discharge appliance is designed at bottom of reactor;The following sewage and digestate treatment technology is supplied to make good effect of environmental protection;
BM type anaerobic digestion technology now plays a import role in biogas power generation field in the world,specially for animal farms;Main part is made of high quality HDPE membrane with high strength in black color;It now spreads very fast,accepted by more and more customers,because of the following advantages:
1.        BIG range of capacities is available from 3,000 to 50,000cbm;
2.        LONG reacting period in digester;
3.        BIG biogas output for each reactor;
4.        LOW construction cost and maintenance&operation cost;
5.        AUTOMATC animal manure waste input&discharge;
Our services are:
1.        Design;
We offer technology consultancy,drawing and material list and complete project inspection and trial running;
2.        Installation;
Our engineers are responsible for membrane welding,offering technical guidance and installation for the reactor and complete biogas plant at site;
3.        Material and equipment supply;
Includes HDPE membrane,liquid/solid separator,pumps,blowers,valves,biogas purifier system,flare,biogas generator sets/CHP and all necessary accessories;
4.        Technology training;
Customers are welcome to visit our actual projects any time;
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